Corporation Tax

As with personal tax for individuals, corporation tax brings similar importance to all companies. It is vital for you to seek the best advice to ensure that you maximise the tax savings for your company.
A corporation tax return is required for a number of entities - limited companies, members' clubs and associations, societies and other various unincorporated bodies. Get in touch to find out if you need to fill in a corporation tax return.
We will assist you in completing your company's accounts and file them with Companies House, and also file your Corporation Tax return online with HMRC. We offer a streamlined service by looking after your accountancy and tax affairs and ensuring that all entries made in the accounts provide you with the best chance of minimising your company's tax liability.
When calculating your company's tax liability, we need to look out for various transactions in addition to those that affect an individual's personal tax liability.  Call us for advice if you are unsure about your corporation tax or if you need any advice on tax savings for your company.
We can also offer constant advice throughout the year. You may want to find the most efficient way of extracting profits from your business that can minimise your personal and corporation tax liabilities - contact us so that we find the right solution for you.


An important aspect of running a business is to understand which type of entity is best for you. If you are a self- employed individual, or in a partnership, you may decide to incorporate. 
Restructuring into a limited company brings a range of benefits, including company security and tax savings.  But incorporation may not be the best solution for you. Get in touch so that we can find the best solution for your business.
We will tend to all administrative tasks that come with forming a limited company: registration with Companies House, setting up directors and shareholders, and we'll also assist you with other various tasks in order to free up your time to concentrate on the principal activity of your business.